About me :

Rasoul Kheiri  


I have a Master degree in physics and I am looking for a Ph.D. position. My research interests are generally theoretical physics and intelligent learning. I prefer to work with fundamental problems in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and multi-agent artificial intelligence regarding the game theory. So far, my investigations result in one publication and one preprint manuscript.

Educations :


                          Starting Date: 22/09/2012 
                          Date of Qualification: 09/08/2015 
                          Final Project/Thesis Title: [PDF] Classical probability formalism comparing with quantum probabilities


  •  B. Sc: Department of Science, Islamic Azad University, Shahreza, Iran  
                   Course Title: Atomic Physics

                          Starting Date: 23/09/2006 
                          Date of Qualification: 16/07/2010 
                          Top Student (First Rank):     17.90/20
                          Final Project/Thesis Title:     Classical probability density function

Research Interests :

1. Research Experience

  • Classical limit
  • Supersymmetry and quantum mechanics
  • Intelligent learning
  • Measurement

2. Research Interests

  • Theoretical physics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Statistical mechanics
  • Computer science